Our Living Water Cabin is located in the mountains of West Virginia in the Monongahela National Forest.  Our property is on Williams River about 5 miles above Dyer, West Virginia. Dyer is near Cowen.  The Williams River is approximately 22 miles long, and is stocked with trout from January to June and then again in October for the fall fishing season.  Williams River also has a special catch and release section that is about 2 miles long.  From the South we normally go to the cabin by way of I77 to  State Route 19 to Summersville.  The cabin is about 35 miles east of Summersville.

The address for the cabin is 3544 Williams River Road; Cowen, West Virginia 26206.  However, when you enter this address in a GPS the system leads you to believe that you are there, but are still about 2.85 miles short of the cabin as you go up the river.  Of course if you are coming in by way of the national forest’s scenic highway and the Williams River Road from the Snowshoe side of the mountain you would arrive at the cabin 2.85 miles sooner than expected based on what the GPS systems are telling you.  It turns out that there is a mis-spelled word in the GPS data base.  “Williams” has been keyed in as “Williwams”.  The GPS systems will recognize 3544 Williwams River – Upper Road as the address for the cabin and will lead you to it just fine.  The GPS systems do not readily acknowledge that the Williams River Road goes all the way through and that it also connects with the Scenic Highway System.  Please note that in the winter the upper reaches of the Williams River Road is not salted or plowed and is frequently impassable.  From the Cowen/Dyer side of the Cabin (West) the lower portion of the Williams River Road is maintained by the Webster County Department of Highways to a point just above the cabin.

The cabin is also convenient to the Cranberry River and the upper reaches of the Gauley River.  It is very near the Cranberry Wilderness.  There are links to maps that are provided by the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy at the bottom of this column.  It is less convenient to the North Fork of the Cherry River, but it too is easily doable by using the forest roadways, and is about 16 miles +/-.  Richwood is only 17 miles away cutting through the forest.  It is also relatively close to the Elk River near Webster Springs, which is about 15 miles away.  Summersville reservoir tail-waters and the New River are more distant at 35 and 50 miles away respectively.  An enthusiastic kayaking friend of ours who lives in Nashville claims that the cabin is located at the heart of  “White Water Heaven, West Virginia”.  My brother, who loves white water, agrees with her.

For those who are familiar with and can utilize longitude and latitude the coordinates for the cabin are:

38 degrees 22’33.30″ N; 80 degrees 26’30.30″ W

Where is this cabin?

Where is this cabin? Deep in the forest yet still accessible!

More Great Maps of the Area: