Building a Cabin

The photographs that follow are snapshots of the events involved in building our cabin.  We live in Nashville Tennessee, which is 500 miles from the site of the cabin.  We spent Christmas and New Years on Monteagle Mountain and drove down to Chattanooga to build floor and wall panels.  When spring broke in the mountains we transported the panels to West Virginia.  There is a more complete discription below the photographs:

Here are some photographs of our cabin building experiances.  In December of 2007 between Christmas and New Years we built the floor panels and wall panels in a section of our brother-in-law’s shop – Acme Metal Works in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  A couple of weekends later we built the attic trusses in Jim Bailey’s shop.  We had to wait for winter to decline and our friends, Fred Sparks and the Miller family men, to lay the foundation and blocks.  Early in May we delivered the panels and attic trusses and on Memorial Day we returned to set up the floor panels and to start the front porch framing after the blocks were up.  We made several trips back to WV to perform the work on the fireplace, electrical and mechanical systems.  My brother Rick and his son Jacob installed the well pump and other related equipment.  They also did the final gradework and planted the grass.  We also hired out the drilling of the well and the septic system.  The river stones unearthed by the digging of the septic system were collected and used for the fireplace.  The rejected stones were used to form a fire ring for the outdoor camp fire.